Review: Shemlan by Alexander Mcnabb.


Title: Shemlan

Author: Alexander McNabb

Series: The Levant Cycle #3

Year/Publisher: November 1st 2013 by Author.

Genre: Crime & Thriller.


      Shemlan is the third and final book in the Levant Cycle (which is by no means a trilogy). I came to know about this series last year when I attended the book launch of the second book Beirut at Jashanmal bookstore. Probably one of the best book events I’ve ever attended.

The series which is set in The Levant as it’s name suggest follow the notorious SIS spy Gerald Lynch‘s missions in the Middle East. Lynch is no ordinary English spy. He is described in Shemlan by one of his acquaintance as: “SIS chap. Northern Irish. Cocky Bastard. Bog Irish.” Very Irish!

In Shemlan retired Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) diplomat Jason Hartmoor is dying of cancer, and he decides to take one last trip to Lebanon where he studied at the Middle East Center for Arab Studies (MECAS) in 1978 before the civil forced him to leave everything behind including the love of his love. This trip alerts some people who were part of Hartmoor’s life when he was working for FCO And his life becomes in danger. Guess who saves the day?

Shemlan is a little bit different from the previous two books as it has more international intelligence, more deaths and violence. altogether it’s a good ending to a good spy series.

Get your copy here.

Follow Alexander McNabb: TwitterBlog.

Mr McNabb along with two other regionally-based authors will talk Of Spices, Conspiracy and Censorship at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in March. This is an event not to be missed.


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