The Japanese Stieg Larsson.


          “There are many couples in the world, and a lot of divorces, and none of them fall apart exactly the same way. If every unhappy couple could just break it off cleanly, become total strangers in the space of a day and never see each other again, well then we couldn’t have  stalkers. Unfortunately that’s not the case often one party breaks off a relationship, but the other party doesn’t. Even after the divorce papers have been filed.” 


After getting divorced Yasuko Hanaoka moves out with her daughter away from her abusive ex-husband Togashi who keeps on following Yasuko to extort money from her. One evening Togashi follows Yasuko home. Things get physical and BOOM! Togashi is dead.(No this is not a spoiler!) Yasuko decides to turn herself in but out of nowhere her neighbor Ishigami a high school mathematics teacher offers his help and gives her the perfect plan to cover her crime. after the body is discovered the detective working on this case brings in his long term friend Dr. Manabu Yukawa aka detective Galileo a physicist who usually consults with the police. So will the physicist lose to the mathematics genius?


I can’t say this book is the perfect crime thriller but it is the best thriller I’ve read in a long long time and I will definitely seek out other work by Higashino.


3 thoughts on “The Japanese Stieg Larsson.

  1. Okay, I’m torn about reading this, because Stieg Larrson’s thriller trilogy rocked me to the core (so intense!), BUT I’m so intrigued now, so I am going to be picking it up sometime this year?

    Thanks for posting about it!

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