Southern cross the dog by Bill Cheng.

   Southern cross the dog  follows the journey of Robert Lee Chatham- a black  boy from the south – over a decade. During the great Mississippi flood in 1972, 8-years-old Robert losses almost everything.

It could’ve  been  the ocean  for  all Robert  knew  the water going on and on forever  in every direction save  for the  small  stitch of telegraph line in the distance.

Robert  moves to hotel Beau-Miel -a place  where  everything  is possible – . There he meets Elijah Cutter  an ex con  and  a piano  player.

Crossed worse than the blackest jinx. Bad and trouble is set to follow you through this earth, you understand me?”Eli explains to Robert.

Jinxed, alone and sad. Robert Tries to go back home.

I fell in love with this book from the first  page.the language is very rich and poetic.

When I was a baby child, they put the jinx on me. It was in my food and milk. And when I ran, it heaved in my bones and when I sang, it stopped in my throat and when I loved, it let from me, hot and poisonous.”

Epic debut. Highly recommended!


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